Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi Pangan publishes original and important research manuscripts dealing with :


Food Nutrition :

Molecular nutrition; effects of foods and nutrients.

Food Processing :

Thermal Process and non thermal Process in  food industry

Food Packaging :

Packaging method, material packaging,  and effect of food packaging to  food shelf life

Food Microbiology :

Isolation and bacterial screening, antimicrobial, Food Preservation, Fermentation

Food Chemistry/Biochemistry: 

Natural material screening, antioxidant activity, Extraction,  Bioactive component, Enzyme

Food Biotechnology :

Genetic engineering, Fermentation

Food Industrial Technology :

Food Value Chain, Food Supply Chain, Food Logistic

Food Safety :

Aplications of  HACCP, GMP and SSOP for  food safety

Food Security  :

Food Diversification, Local Food

Food Nano Science and technoloogy :

Aplications of  Nano Science and technoloogy to improve food quality