1. Revision of the Journal based on the Author Guidelines / rules for journal writing set by the JSTP.
  2. The maximum revision of the journal manuscript is done no later than 2 days. (This is due to the review process and writing repairs by students can take more than 3 times)
  3. The results of the revision by the editor were submitted to the chairman of the JSTP to check their compliance with the Author Guidelines.
  4. If the revision results are not in accordance with the Author Guidelines or exceed the prescribed time limit, then the journal manuscript will be delegated to another editor who is considered able to work quickly and precisely and know the rules for writing JSTP journals ..
  5. The revisions that are in accordance with the Author Guidelines will obtain acc proof from the JSTP editorial team leader,
  6. The editor of the journal that was given the assignment, worked on editing the script that had been accepted / accepted, the journal manuscript was edited according to the JSTP template, the maximum was done in 2 days.